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GlobeX Data Ltd. (SWISF): A Frontline Shield Against Data and Privacy Breaches

GlobeX Data Ltd. (SWISF): A Frontline Shield Against Data and Privacy Breaches


The need to protect user information on commerce sites and apps is more important than ever. Data and privacy breaches are not only on the increase but firms struggle to detect, defend and respond to such breaches.  Due to the recent outbreak, cybersecurity demand is increasing due to more remote work.

Recent data breaches, in messaging applications and in particular in the WhatsApp application have created a certain urgency for businesses to protect their communications form cyber-attacks and identity theft via mobile devices, has sparked investors interest in GlobeX Data Ltd. (OTCQB:SWISF) (CSE:SWIS), a leader in Swiss hosted cyber security and Internet privacy solutions for secure data management and secure communications.

The company has been selected and nominated by The Silicon Review in their 50 Best Companies To Watch in 2020. The article can be read by clicking on this link Silicon Review Article on GlobeX Data.

GlobeX Data Ltd. (OTCQB:SWISF) (CSE:SWIS) recently announced that it was ready to launch its Sekur encrypted email and messaging security solution in August 2020. GlobeX will launch and its applications on the iOS AppStore and Google Play marketplace for Android devices at the same time.

Demand for Sekur has been building up as consumers and businesses are looking at protecting their personal and business emails in light of increased BEC attacks and email phishing attacks.

Sekur is the Company’s Swiss hosted secure communications suite, which includes encrypted messaging with self-destruct timer powered by the Company’s and an encrypted email service. The Company plans to push the Sekur brand as a secure communications suite in addition to its existing DigitalSafe brand which is the Company’s document management and collaboration suite. Sekur will include 100GB of email and message storage and encrypted messaging with self-destruct timer. All data is hosted in Switzerland for ultimate privacy. Sekur will also come in other versions, Sekur Messenger for encrypted messaging only, Sekur Email which will only have encrypted email. Future releases of Sekur including voice and video encryption and video conferencing will be deployed in the next 12 months and will have different price points.

The service will include the Company’s proprietary and newly branded features called SekurSend(R) and SekurReply(R) anti-phishing encrypted email solution. SekurSend(R) lets a user send an email to any other recipient, whether they have Sekur or not, in full privacy and security as the email never leaves Sekur’s encrypted email servers based in Switzerland. The recipient can then click on the notification and reply in the same manner using SekurReply(R), without the recipient having to purchase Sekur. This is also a guarantee to eliminate BEC attacks for businesses and email phishing attacks. Additionally, Sekur will include the Company’s latest technology, which include full control of email delivery, data export for SMB and large Enterprises and an automatic Data Loss Prevention technology (“DLP”) with real time continuous archiving.

One of the many Privacy and security features of Sekur is that the user does not register with their phone number, eliminating a huge loophole in security and privacy. Just recently, according to an article written by Lindsey O’Donnell and posted on the website on June 5 2020, it was disclosed that WhatsApp phone numbers and users were searchable on Google, creating a massive security and privacy breach. Earlier in the year, an article was written about a similar flaw affecting all businesses, NGOs, UN and non-profit organizations, where WhatsApp Group members were also compromised and searchable in a reverse engineering trick done on Google.

Sekur eliminates many of the privacy and security risks by not only not requiring a phone number, which would divulge a user’s phone device ID, but also by not social engineering a user’s phone or computer contact list and infecting the contacts by default as well. Sekur issues each user a username and a SM number. The SM number is the contact ID a user would disclose in order for other SM users to be added. The service comes with a self-destruct timer and other features as well, including GlobeX’s proprietary VirtualVaults and HeliX technologies with all data stored in Swiss hosted encrypted servers.

GlobeX’s Data privacy solutions are all hosted in Switzerland, protecting users’ data from any outside data intrusion requests. In Switzerland, the right to privacy is guaranteed in article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution. The Federal Act on Data Protection (“FADP”) of 19 June 1992 (in force since 1993) has set up a strict protection of privacy by prohibiting virtually any processing of personal data which is not expressly authorized by the data subjects. The protection is subject to the authority of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.

Under Swiss federal law, it is a crime to publish information based on leaked “secret official discussions.” In 2010 the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland found that IP addresses are personal information and that under Swiss privacy laws they may not be used to track Internet usage without the knowledge of the individuals involved.

Last week, the company announced that it has signed its second distribution agreement in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The agreement was signed with Prime Technology Services Ltd. of Nassau, Bahamas.

This is the second distribution agreement signed by GlobeX in the Bahamas, as the Company is increasing its footprint in anticipation of its Sekur solution launch. Prime Technology Solutions was introduced to GlobeX by its Exclusive Master Distributor, Sebastian Alliance Group LLC.

Full interview: GlobeX Data brings cyber security and data management to the Bahamas

GlobeX Data (CSE:SWIS-OTCQB: SWISF) CEO Alain Ghiai joined Steve Darling from Proactive in Vancouver to discuss GlobeX signing a new reseller agreement in the Bahamas for its cybersecurity and secure communications and data management cloud services, Ghiai also told Proactive the deal is for has signed a five-years and is exclusive for Sebastian Alliance Group to resell all its products.

Full interview: GlobeX Data sees strong interest for Cyber Security amid rising tension with Iran

GlobeX Data (OTCQB: SWISF) - (CSE: SWIS) President and CEO Alain Ghiai sat down with Steve Darling from Proactive Vancouver to discuss the rising tension between the United States and Iran and how companies like his are seeing more interest from businesses in the U.S. looking to protect themselves. 

Ghiai also discussed their most recent deals and how the integration with Keller Williams reality is going. 

Full interview: GlobeX Data launching work at home secure platform in Commonwealth of Bahamas

GlobeX Data (OTCQB: SWISF-CSE: SWIS) CEO Alain Ghiai joined Steve Darling from Proactive Vancouver to bring news the company is now launching their secure work from home platform in the Bahamas. These services will include GlobeX’s secure business cloud solutions package, comprised of the firm’s flagship DigitalSafe, PrivaTalk, and Custodia technologies for secure communications. Ghiai discusses, with COVID-19, the demand for their services as companies look to improve security for employees now working away from the place of business.

Full interview: GlobeX Data signs deal with largest real estate company in the world to use DigitalSafe


GlobeX Data ( OTCQB:SWISF-CSE: SWIS) CEO Alain Ghiai sat down with Steve Darling from Proactive Vancouver to discuss Keller Williams signing a deal to the use the DigitalSafe platform for its Keller Williams Agents and offices at the Keller Williams marketplace. 

Ghiai discusses the deal and also told Proactive what this could mean in revenue for the GlobeX. 

GlobeX Data set to launch new secure email platform to reduce scams as people work from home amid pandemic

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks have increased dramatically in the past two years and are resurging exponentially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

GlobeX Data -
The company is working on completing its new Custodia Email platform in the next few weeks and having it available for all its clients and partners worldwide

GlobeX Data Ltd (CSE:SWIS) (OTCQB:SWISF) said its new secure email and communications service should be ready for launch within weeks as scams increase amid the pandemic with more people working from home.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks have increased dramatically in the past two years and are resurging exponentially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis due in part to the lack of home internet security and scrutiny from tech staff at home.

READ: GlobeX Data set to launch its 'Work From Home' package in the Bahamas

"We are working hard to complete our new Custodia Email platform in the next few weeks and look forward to having it available to all our clients and our partners worldwide," said Alain Ghiai, CEO of GlobeX Data, in a statement.

"BEC scams have increased exponentially and we are well aware that this problem is only the beginning and more BEC attacks are on the way. We are looking forward to puting our proprietary technology to work and helping businesses of all sizes globally and protecting them as much as we can from these BEC scams," he added.

Final completion should be within the next 30 days, the group revealed.

According to the website, 81% of firms were targets of payments fraud last year, according to recent data from the Association for Financial Professionals, noted GlobeX.

Its survey, underwritten by JPMorgan, found that the BEC scam was the most popular attack, with 75% of all companies surveyed saying they were impacted by it in some way in 2019.

It's been a busy week for the group. On Monday it said it was close to launching its data protection platforms in the Bahamas.

Its "Work From Home” services include GlobeX’s secure business cloud solutions package, comprised of the firm’s flagship DigitalSafe, PrivaTalk and Custodia technologies for secure communications.

DigitalSafe is a Switzerland-hosted secure document management and collaboration cloud tool, while PrivaTalk is a secure communications suite. Custodia is the firm’s end-to-end encrypted email service.

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GlobeX Data to provide data security for Keller Williams in-house app

The company has integrated DigitalSafe, its security, document management, and encrypted email solution, into the KW Marketplace, an app store for Keller Willam's 160,000-plus agents

GlobeX Data - GlobeX Data Ltd teaming with Keller Williams Realty to provide data security for KW Marketplace app for real estate agents
Keller Williams is the world's largest real estate technology franchise by agent count

GlobeX Data Ltd (CSE:SWIS) (OTCMKTS:SWISF), a data security company, announced Friday it’s joining the Keller Cloud Innovation Program, an AI-fueled real estate platform for Keller Williams Realty agents.

The company said it has integrated DigitalSafe, its Swiss-hosted security, document management, password management and encrypted email solution, into the cloud program and the KW Marketplace -- an app store for its 160,000-plus agents to browse top software integrations made by third-party developers.

GlobeX, based in Toronto, said it is working with its marketing team to update some marketing materials for its DigitalSafe application in the KW Marketplace. It anticipates that all updates will be completed by January 2020. 

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Some of the updates include newer documentation for real estate-use case, larger data storage capacity and a new look and feel for the application, as well as a synchronized back-up feature new to DigitalSafe. 

As the application releases new features, Keller Willams agents will benefit greatly from these complimentary upgrades to the application, GlobeX said. 

“Keller Williams has been a pioneer in the real estate industry by embracing technology to maximize efficiency and profitability for its agents, and to provide its agents the best tools to run their business,” said GlobeX CEO Alain Ghiai in a statement. 

“As partners in the KW Marketplace, and later on as integrator of Command, the smart CRM-plus suite of applications hosted on the Keller Cloud, we look forward to providing KW agents the security and privacy DigitalSafe will provide them and their clients when sharing documents, generating passwords, sending encrypted emails and backing up their data in DigitalSafe's Swiss hosted secure cloud.” 

Businesses are often the targets of hacking attempts, making financial and other data vulnerable to cyberattacks. The company's DigitalSafe technology allows institutions and their clients to manage personal data in a secure Swiss cloud and gives users full control of their data, minimizing the risks of data attacks. 

GlobeX said Keller Willams agents can use DigitalSafe to securely communicate information such as contracts, banking statements, legal documents, PIN codes and passwords and other types of sensitive data. 

VirtualVaults Technology

Agents will be able to communicate securely by preloading sensitive documents and share those documents with their clients and co-workers. All these advantages come with Swiss data privacy laws, among the highest data privacy in the world, the highest encryption standards, and GlobeX Data's proprietary VirtualVaults technology.

VirtualVaults technology uses multiple layers of encryption requiring more computing processing power than the products available in the market. It is a process that is too costly for mass cloud services and other large service providers. In the unlikely event of a breach of data, VirtualVaults protects each individual account holder by segregating each user from the other users, creating an individual barrier of protection.

Additionally, GlobeX said it is exploring way to integrate its DigitalSafe application later in 2020 into Command, a smart CRM-plus suite of applications hosted on the Keller Cloud, the world's largest real estate technology franchise by agent count.

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Full Interview: GlobeX Data sees increase in demand for services during global pandemic crisis

GlobeX Data (CSE: SWISS- OTCQB: SWISF) CEO Alain Ghiai joined Steve Darling from Proactive Vancouver to discuss the company signing the number of deals recently as their services for cybersecurity has really increased during the COVID-19 crisis. Ghiai told Proactive about the deals and also why he thinks there have been so much demand increases in the cybersecurity world.

Globex Data Featured on GadjetGram Article On Reducing Cyber Attacks

 Don’t Be the Victim of a Cybercriminal

Article by Alain Ghiai, CEO of GlobeX Data Ltd.
(See Full Author’s Bio at the end)

This bylined article was written for your consideration, offering tips on how everyday people can better protect themselves from the ever-growing threat of a cyberattack.


Not a day seems to go by without reading about the latest cyberattack.  No one is safe anymore — big companies like Equifax and Facebook to Uber and eBay have been suffered major security breaches, along with countless everyday people. There has long been a prevailing attitude among many individuals that goes, “If I get hacked, I’ll just change my password.” Whether that reflects misplaced trust in our constantly-connected world or simply laziness, it seems the majority of people think a digital security breach will never strike them and if it does, it won’t be a big deal. But deep inside they know that may not be true.

Victim of a Cybercriminal

Not only is our money at risk, but our personal information, as well. As for easily fixing things after you’ve been hacked? Ask anyone who’s been digitally compromised and they will tell you it can take years to repair the damage.

With the deck seemingly stacked against us, what chance does the average person have if the bad guys have them in their crosshairs? Despite numerous reports of major corporations and entire cities being held hostage by cyber criminals, there actually are things the average person can do to protect him or herself.

Tips on How to Safeguard Against the Next Cyberattack

  • Never assume you are safe online.

Today’s online world is convenient, with apps for everything and access to our personal finances and our most personal information just a tap away on our smartphones. But convenience comes at a price. This very ease in use is at the center of the problems we are facing today.

  • Cyber theft is largely based on hackers using your personal information against you.

The biggest culprit is social media. Whenever you update your status on any of the many platforms, you are giving away information about yourself which artificial intelligence can capture. Through this means hackers can develop a profile on you and your personal habits, including determining where you bank, where you eat, which gym you frequent. Most people don’t realize they are making it easy for hackers to target them by announcing their profiles to the world.

  • Do not use free services, such as Wi-Fi, email and cloud data storage.

While many of these online services are household names and extremely popular — such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger — they are all inherently insecure. In addition, your privacy is compromised when you use them. Remember the old saying, “Nothing is really free?” Their business model is based on advertising and through their careful monitoring of the habits of their users. Countless millions of individuals are inadvertently handing over their personal data to these companies, which they turn around and sell to other businesses.

Victim of a Cybercriminal

  • Consider using an encrypted email service to protect the privacy and security of your messages.

If you insist on staying with G-mail, Yahoo mail or any of the other many free email services, assume your messages can be read by anyone.  Therefore, do not send anything sensitive or personal via these email services, such as credit card numbers and passwords.

  • Always remember that when you connect to Wi-Fi in a coffee shop, hotel or airport, you are inadvertently exposing yourself to virtually every single person who is logged on at the same time.

Many hackers hang out on public Wi-Fi just waiting for the opportunity to strike.

  • Do not do online banking through apps.

Apps are created by third-party developers and there is no way to know they are secure.  Your life savings could be wiped out simply by using an app with security holes.

  • We’ve all heard this a million times, but do not use the same password for all your accounts.

Also, be sure to change them regularly. The easiest way to handle this is through an inexpensive password manager.


The piece was written by Alain Ghiai, the CEO of GlobeX Data Ltd., a publicly-traded company which hosts its international cybersecurity services out of Switzerland. (

About Alain Ghiai:

Alain Ghiai is the CEO of GlobeX Data Ltd., a publicly listed company (CSE:SWIS) that distributes, designs and develops Swiss-hosted software and cybersecurity solutions for secure data management and secure communications. He has been an active internet entrepreneur since 2000. In 2009, he was mandated by the Republic and State of Geneva’s Economic Development Office to represent it to Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Canada in all matters relating to the fostering of good relationships between companies originating in GCC countries, Canada and Switzerland. (


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